A Week in Winter

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  1. Annual ESRA Congress 2020
  2. One week in winter itinerary help needed. - Norway Forum - TripAdvisor
  3. A Week in Winter
  4. Annual ESRA Congress 2020

If you plan on visiting the Lofoten in winter make it at least one week or even 10 days. In fact, the more South you go the more remote the islands and the more picturesque the villages become. But this will have to wait for another visit! You can find the ultimate cozy cabin with a fireplace and whirlpool or freeze to death in an under-heated room in what feels like an office building made from surplus ship containers. A little money goes a long way here. And the real highlight is the view of the harbour of the fishing village every morning right from your bed or breakfast table.

You could potentially bring your own food and cook in your kitchen here, but the buffet breakfast and dinner options are plentiful and of high quality — so we recommend to spend a little more to get the full package. So why visit in winter anyhow? In fact a lot of places like restaurants and bakeries close in winter. Where else in the world can you drive along empty roads from fjord to fjord over countless bridges all with views that get better and better behind every curve?

While the wind gusts can get pretty intense, the weather does clear up sometimes within minutes and you can just hop outside your cabin and discover the beauty of the islands without too much of a hazzle.

Annual ESRA Congress 2020

There are a couple of options for activities though — like winter kayaking or RIP boat tours with eagle feeding and of course Northern light expeditions. Yet be aware that all of them are weather dependent, so you need to keep a flexible schedule. We believe the Lofoten in winter are a perfect place to relax and spend a week amongst the most incredible landscapes.

Pack your board games and poker set, rent a cozy cabin and fire up the oven. Bring your outdoor gear and enjoy the vast emptiness outside during the day.

2. Our tips for one week in the Lofoten

Pack your bathing suit and jump in the hot tub at night. Drive to the beach and watch the daring arctic surfers or even surf yourself! As stated above we used the services of a travel agency to book this trip. All in a short mail with recommendations from the agency. Spread the love and pin this image if this blogpost was helpful for you:. Commuting behaviours have a significant impact on the health and well-being of individuals in urban environments.

This is due to the a number of factors, both good and bad, including exposure to air pollution, road-traffic noise, opportunities to engage in regular physical activity, risk of traffic accidents, opportunities to socialise, etc. Commuting choices depend on the transport infrastructure that is provided, the perception of personal safety that is associated with different modes and routes, the cost, individual needs, the physical limitations of the commuter, as well as access. This talk will explore the health consequences of behaviours and the ways in which the adverse impacts of commuting can be minimised and benefits maximised in the context of urban living.

Technological advances have led to the development of faster, cheaper, low power, high resolution environmental monitors. These instruments, when combined with new data quality control and analysis techniques to manage uncertainty in instrument performance and calibration, have the potential to result in an explosion in reliable data acquisition. Using a case study of population exposure to urban air pollution, this presentation examines the added value of combining social and environmental data sets using fusion measurement and modelling approaches to provide tools to aid decision making.

I will examine the challenges associated with discerning when we have enough data to start making difficult management decisions and promote behavioural change. I shall also suggest we need to think in new ways and ask new questions if we are going to harness the power of big data to solve wicked environmental problems, increase urban resilience and mitigate the impacts of environmental change.

Human brain diseases continue to result in significant loss of life and disability in New Zealand. With a rapidly aging population, the number of New Zealanders living with dementia is estimated to increase by close to per cent to , by She will also discuss her journey to drop the stigma and raise the profile of those impacted by neurodegenerative disorders through some unique community outreach endeavours.

Yet, most of us have never given our placenta a second thought! This talk will explain how the placenta works, why we think that it fails so often, and what we are doing to help find ways to diagnose and treat at-risk babies in utero. While urban areas are often considered of low biological value, this is far from true.

One week in winter itinerary help needed. - Norway Forum - TripAdvisor

Recent research shows a huge amount of biodiversity living within our cities. However, urban biodiversity is under threat. So what are the drivers of biodiversity decline and loss of function in urban areas?

Margaret will discuss current research around threats to urban biota, including invasive species, humans feeding wildlife, changes in artificial lighting and intensification. Digital archaeology is a relatively recent advancement in archaeological practice.

A Week in Winter

Modern digital recording methods allow for the accurate measurement of many artefacts over a short amount of time, however, much archaeological data remains in analogue form. While both present challenges, they can each be used to create 3D representations of archaeological excavations. In addition, 3D representations are now used of objects to understand how they were constructed as well as provide a new medium for people to interact with.

We hear a lot about the virtues of active travel. Physical activity benefits our health; getting out of cars reduces greenhouse emissions, and interacting with people and places we care about is pivotal to our wellbeing and sense of belonging. But are these opportunities and benefits available to all? Transport systems and designs do not always take account of differences in age, ability, language, culture, or the socio-economic status of diverse communities, with wide-ranging personal and social consequences.

You come home after a hard day at work and your kitchen 3D printer makes you a steak dinner just the way you like it. In the not too distant future, you will select a pair of shoes from an online catalogue and, after customizing it to your exact size and style preferences, a 3D printer will manufacture them at a store in your town, instead of having to ship the shoes around the world. In this talk, we review the state of the art of 3D printing and examine some of their current and future applications in the fields of art, engineering, business, and health.

We also discuss some of the social implications these technologies will have on design and on how we live and examine some of the issues around how we need to start adapting today in order to be ready for the technology tomorrow. Winter Week is an experience not to be missed.

New ways of thinking, new ideas being kept up to date with new research is enlightening and rejuvenating.

Annual ESRA Congress 2020

Totally recommended. Winter Week is a good breath of fresh air — excellent lectures, good company, lively discussions. Winter Week gives one the opportunity to learn about subjects one has never previously explored. The Winter Week on Campus is a great way to spend a week for young or older participants.

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There are interesting people you meet in and out of the lectures. High quality of lectures, the majority of whom had excellent presentation skills. Winter Week is something to look forward to each year where we not only learn but also appreciate the courses and enjoy each others company and the unique University atmosphere and grounds. Winter Week on Campus Immerse yourself in a week of intellectual stimulation and social enjoyment designed to expand your mind. Week registration.

Single day registration.