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You may also find that you become ungrounded, especially if you use any of the high vibration stones. If you choose a psychic protection stone that is also a strong grounding crystal this will be beneficial. To help you to develop the gift of automatic writing, doing meditation on a regular daily basis if very effective. Meditation helps you to work on psychic gifts, as it works by changing your brain waves.

As your brain slows from your normal day to day beta wave to the slower alpha wave, you will find that the flow of information from source will increase. Two specific areas of the brain, the Amygdala and the Anterior Cingulate Cortex are said to be associated with the evolvement of psychic gifts. By regularly using isochronic tones , you may activate these areas of the brain, and you may find that your automatic writing abilities develop more quickly, and more smoothly. Automatic writing is the easiest way to channel spirit and is said to be claircognizance in the written form.

Later you may find that you begin channeling directly from spirit. This may be aided by using stones like Shattuckite , a strong stone to aid development of psychic gifts. As your gifts become stronger, you may begin receiving information from spirit by the direct implanting of thoughts into your brain, directly and immediately. This is known as psychic knowing, also known as claircognizance , and works in a similar way to how clairaudience or psychic hearing is received.

It is one of the psychic senses, and involves direct contact with spirit, and its definition may be clear knowing , as you know that what you received is totally real and accurate. Sonia Choquette has been working as a psychic reader, and as a teacher in the development area for many years, so she brings this wealth of experience to her writing. Although her books cover a range of different aspects, they all take you through the processes that aid you to develop your psychic gifts.


They are all excellent books to help you to place your feet on the path that leads you to develop genuine psychic abilities. Check out the books shown below, which are excellent aids to help you if you are working on developing psychic abilities, including automatic writing. Click Here to read my reviews of Sonia Choquette books. Automatic writing use may aid the opening up of other psychic abilities which may help your life in a variety of ways. Contacting your spirit guide is one of the first things that is likely to happen. The guidance you receive may come form spirit guides as well as in a variety of other ways, including at night in your dreams.

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Many of you will have more than one gift operating simultaneously, as this is very common. All of these gifts are quite mixed together in many people. Often you will be using a mixture of different gifts as you open yourself up to allowing these gifts to develop. It is possible that you may find that this may lead you to find out what your strongest psychic communication gift is.

You may help the whole process to happen more easily and quickly, by doing a regular meditation to boost psychic gifts. As this becomes clearer to you, you may also begin develop your intuition even further, as you find other psychic gifts.

Automatic Writing - The Paranormal Guide

Automatic writing is a form of channelling. If you choose to allow spirit to simply flow through you, you will find that the guidance received will help you in many ways. Allow spirit to guide the words that you write, and receive amazing insights on how you may move forward in your life, and live the life you always wanted and dreamed of.

The stones pictured and those on the list below are particular crystals that may enhance the process to open yourself up to automatic writing. Any of the high vibration stones have a level of crystal energy that may be quite potent, and may lead you to develop a range of psychic abilities, including this one.

When Spirts Talk: The Popularity of Automatic Writing in the 20th Century

Many of the stones below are chakra stones for the crown or soul star, and may also be third eye chakra stones. If you would like to discover more about any of the stones on this page, quite a few of them have had specific in-depth articles written about them. To learn more information about any of the crystals above, you can find out if its been written about anywhere else on this site, by checking the site-map This will assist you to locate what you are looking for There are quite a few crystal books available, and it really doesn't matter which ones you read as all will benefit you.

The ones shown below are a few of the ones that I like and can recommend. All of the authors have been in the crystal industry for many years, and any one of their books are good to have on hand. I have a large collection of crystal books, as I have a strong interest in hearing how other writers use their crystals. If you wish to read reviews of my some of my favorite crystal books, Click Here. The books below are ones that I like and that I personally own. Looking for something?

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When you buy a new stone or crystal, it is advantageous to use it on its own first. Once you are fully aware of its energy, you may choose to combine it with other stones. Combine stones for short periods to begin with, as individuals may react differently. But knowing how you can combine various stones may be helpful, as this allows you to get the most from your crystals, and may help you to solve specific problems in your life. Checkout the range of Judy Hall Books selling at Amazon. Thank You!

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Healing Crystals For You. Want To Learn Automatic Writing? Minimize distractions; put away your phone and close down any email or messaging programs. Place objects around the room that inspire you such as crystals or spiritual icons. Place a pen and a piece of paper on your desk. These are the most basic tools for automatic writing, so they're a good place to start.

Make sure you have plenty of paper, your pen has plenty of ink, and you have spares available. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and say aloud or in your head, "Tell me what I need to know. Try not to have any expectations about how the information will come to you, if it will come to you, or what will come to you.

It's essential you step aside from your own expectations or wants for the outcome and allow spirit to answer instead of your brain.

So How Do You Know If You're Really Automatic Writing Or Just Making It Up?

Then, pick up your pen and place the tip on the paper. Start to write. It doesn't matter what you write; just start writing. If you get stuck on a word, write the same word over and over again until new words come.

Don't pay attention to what you're writing and don't try to control the words that come. Write any words that come into your head or any words your hand feels like writing. Do not edit what you're writing, worry about spelling, syntax, or grammar, or judge anything you're writing. Just stay in the flow, without judgment or concern. Write until you feel finished or for five to ten minutes, whichever feels most comfortable for you.

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When you stop writing, give thanks to whatever spirit or guidance has moved your hands. Put down the pen and touch the floor or go run your hands under cold water to break the energetic connection. Now, go back and read what you have written. Does it make sense?

Does it seem like nonsense? Allow yourself to be with the information for a few days without evaluating or judging it and then look at it again.