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  1. Empowered Volume 6 by Adam Warren 2010, Paperback Dark Horse comics adult 18+
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She was inspired to become a superhero and help others after witnessing the death of her father at a very early age, going so far as to get a degree on "Metahuman Studies" while attending an unnamed college.

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She obtains a unique "hypermembrane" supersuit through unknown means but the suit is both very revealing and unreliable. Her concern over her appearance frequently serves as a dominant aspect of her career as a superheroine, as her "hypermembrane" supersuit is composed of an extremely fragile material; a material so thin and clingy that it outlines every curve of her body.

Additionally, while her suit can provide her with several fantastic powers, such as super strength and directed energy blasts, these enhancements will usually fail if her suit becomes too damaged. Due to the fragility of her suit, this has happened frequently, and thus, she has earned herself a reputation for being ineffective and easily defeated Despite these many limitations, Empowered still manages to triumph in both her personal and professional lives using her intellect and determination, even if she rarely gains accolades for said heroic acts from the public at large.

Empowered Volume 6 by Adam Warren 2010, Paperback Dark Horse comics adult 18+

She is also an associate-level member of the Superhomeys superhero group, who are the primary defenders of the city in which they reside. Within the group, Empowered is an active participant in many of the battles against the multitude of villains that threaten the metropolis. However, because of the unreliability of her suit, she is commonly defeated and captured.

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Due to the frequency of this, she has a reputation within the Superhomeys as being " bondage -prone" and is something of a laughingstock. Empowered continually fights alongside them despite their lack of respect toward her and her own suit's unreliable nature, due to her unwavering determination to help people as best as she is able.

While her teammates often soundly dismiss her contributions, she has managed to save the lives of the Superhomeys singlehandedly on at least two occasions.

Empowered is also portrayed as being more morally upstanding, idealistic and noble than the majority of her more powerful, cynical teammates and members of the superhuman community at large. Although Empowered is continually subjected to humiliation in her career as a superheroine, she does have close companionship and emotional support from her boyfriend, who is only known as Thugboy.

Thugboy, who is so-called because of his previous career as a thug and henchman to various supervillains, reforms to stand by Empowered's side after meeting her "on the job" and moves in with her in short order. He continually provides her with uplifting emotional support and encouragement despite her misadventures and nigh-on continual failure to live up to her own expectations.

This love and support frequently manifests in the form of sex , which may be beneficial to Empowered's hypermembrane as well as her emotional state since the former seems to mirror the latter.

‎Empowered Volume 6 on Apple Books

Emp is also a close friend to a young woman named Kozue Kaburagi, who prefers to be called by the pseudonym "Ninjette". Ninjette or simply " 'Jette", as she is colloquially known is a highly trained ninja and runaway princess of the Kaburagi ninja clan, which is based out of New Jersey. She, too, met Empowered on the opposite side of the law but has since reformed, thanks to forming a close friendship with the idealistic Empowered. She has been shown to have both a drinking problem and an unresolved attraction to Thugboy but neither of these problems have ruined their close friendship yet.

Her rival in most respects is respected fellow SuperHomey Sistah Spooky, a powerful, goth-styled black sorceress.

Empowered Deluxe Edition Volume 2

She is very resentful of Emp and hugely successful. The reason for this is that as a kid, she went to a private school full of "shallow, preppy bitches" with perfect bodies, icy glares, and flowing blonde tresses. She was so scarred by this that she developed a lifelong pathological hatred of beautiful blondes, and attempted to contact eldritch magickal entities in order to murder them, only to find out that her peers were already their clients, as part of a package to sell your soul for the power to be perfectly hot for the rest of your life.

She eventually bought the package herself, but was later told that a decimal point was misplaced, giving her "waaaaay too much mystical power", which she used it to become a superhero and achieve international fame. Emp, who already has blonde hair and shares characteristics with the preppy bitches all seemingly without selling her soul, and continuously mentioning that she has to work out constantly and diet to within an inch of her life without looking like a fat slob in what basically amounts to a coat of body paint , is shown to be a constant target of Sistah Spooky's hatred.

But then… The scorched corpse of one of those fallen heroes comes back to life.

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Later on, other heroes apparently resurrect as well, and the dreadful truth is revealed: thanks to the deals most heroes struck to gain their superpowers, their bodies can be killed, but their super abilities will live on in them, which makes them victims of a fate that is literally worse than death, by the hands of the villain Death Monger, who has been enslaving the super-dead to do his bidding. Peppered through the volume we also find a few sexy times chatter, a fantasy league of superheroes, and my all time favorite , a PSA video for damsels in distress, including tips on how to increase your chances of escaping when tied up.

Patricia Loupee is a collector of skills: wannabe tattoo artist, seamstress, sculptress, cartoon artist, and most importantly comic book colorist, inker and writer. Previous Stellar 1 Review. Next Off The Rack The catastrophic events of the last volume demand some sort of follow-up, and a reasonable portion of "Empowered" 6 is spent doing exactly that. Thugboy and Emp's relationship ends up strained over her almost throwing down with one of the baddest supervillains in town the same supervillain that effortlessly massacred over half a dozen of Emp's teammates.

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Sistah Spooky is a broken mess and trying to cope with her failure in volume 5. As usual, "Empowered" greatest strength is in its characterization.

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Warren sometimes plays it a bit too cute, such as when the Thugboy and Emp argument ends with a reassurance that her response to almost dying is okay because she has "actual emotional reactions like some human beings tend to have. We finally get the story of how Empowered got her supersuit it landed on her doorstep quite literally out of the blue and whether or not that origin constitutes a bargain with a demon. It probably doesn't. Maidman, the grim avenger of the innocent who also happens to wear a cute little maid outfit, has a run-in with the undead hero Hardkore.

Hardkore talks like Christian Bale's Batman because his vocal cords are decomposing. Maidman talks like Batman because of "extreme badassedness , pretty much. The jokes build up the characters and keep things light in a story that's really all about death and dying. Warren's character work is strong enough that the jokes don't interfere with the more serious parts of "Empowered" 6. They provide a welcome break, keeping this volume from becoming cripplingly depressing, and actually manage to enhance the sad scenes, particularly Sistah Spooky's quiet desperation and attempt to cope in the face of loss.