Night of the Butcher

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One of the absolute best albums from one of the absolute best bands in the entirety of metal. James Baragar. Nuke by NUKE. The band's debut is full of whiskey-burned growls and maniacal high shrieks, not surprising for a group of Detroit metal vets. An Overdose of Death Explore music.

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Purchasable with gift card. Portraits of President Obama hang from the restaurant walls amid dozens of wrestling snapshots, but Abdullah is an avid listener of conservative talk radio. Though he craves money, he donates to causes, including a local youth recreation center.

Charity is one of many off-limits topics — after all, he is a villain. Another is the toll wrestling has taken on his body, though he acknowledges the need for hip replacement.

He does open his shirt to reveal a burn mark beneath the left shoulder, a remnant of an unscripted wrestling bit involving a flame device gone awry. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser. See next articles. Newsletter Sign Up Continue reading the main story Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box. Invalid email address. Please re-enter. You must select a newsletter to subscribe to. Sign Up. You will receive emails containing news content , updates and promotions from The New York Times. You may opt-out at any time.

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Sandman Mystery Theatre: Night of the Butcher - Comics by comiXology

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Scramble Tag: The Briscoes vs. The Vulture Squad vs. They get over immediately with their doubleteams, but Ruckus knocks Phoenix Twin 2 to the floor. The Briscoes get in and destroy all six of the other guys. Jigsaw and Tweek hit somersault planchas onto the crowd. Back in, Dash falls victim to the Springboard Doomsday Device. Jigsaw sneaks in and superkicks Mark. So I guess the Vulture Squad is not dead. Fun, if brainless, match.


El Generico. Generico is coming off his spirited performance in the title match the night before. He starts off hot with a springboard moonsault and the flying crossbody for two. Generico stays on top until Allison Wonderland distracts him long enough for Tyler to springboard in with a lariat. Generico blocks a charge and hits a rana.

That leads to a Michinoku Driver. Generico fights Tyler off the top rope and hits a big splash. Tyler reverses a neckbreaker to his own and gets two. Generico goes up, but Tyler kicks him off the top.

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That sets up the Brainbuster by Generico at Took a while to get going, but the finishing sequence was great. Hero tries to take it to the mat, but Stevens bowls him over. Stevens gets knocked to the floor, and Sara Del Rey gets her licks in. Hero holds him up and hits a roaring elbow for two.

Hero continues to paste Stevens with elbow-based offense, but Stevens catches him springboarding off the rope and hits a Samoan Drop. Stevens hits a pair of Choo-Choos and a pump-handle suplex for two. The Oklahoma TKO gets two more. Hero hits a rolling elbow, knocking Stevens to the floor.

In FIP, you can win the title on a countout. Stevens beats the count in at Hero drags him up and berates him for sticking it out. A sloppy springboard elbow gets two. Hero thinks he has him knocked out again but only gets two. Stevens fires off several elbows in the corner and takes him up to the top rope. Hero fights him off at first, but Stevens drags him off with a super powerslam for the win at The crowd reaction is mixed. Aries gets tripped up, and the Europeans doubleteam him.

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Aries blocks a Russian Leg Sweep, but Claudio cuts off the tag and pulls him back to the heel corner. Aries ducks a swing and rolls into a tag.

Sandman Mystery Theatre: Night of the Butcher

Nigel attacks Danielson from behind, but Danielson still manages a suicida on Claudio. The heels swarm him, though, and send him back in. Claudio mocks Dragon with the missile dropkick and kip up. The heels set up for running European uppercuts in the corner, but Aries breaks that up. Aries dropkicks Nigel in the face to block the handstand. That sets up the Last Chancery, but Claudio breaks it up.

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  7. They put Nigel on top for a double superplex. Danielson goes after Claudio, but Nigel nails him from behind and puts him in the London Dungeon. Aries breaks it up but gets nailed with the pop-up European. Danielson knocks Claudio silly with the flying kick and threatens to kick his fucking head in, but Nigel jumps Danielson from behind.

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    There is one woman in the audience cheering for Nigel. Danielson actually busts out Chaos Theory and punts Nigel for two. Claudio breaks up the Trapped Elbows but gets clotheslined out and rocked with the suicida from Aries.