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One of the funniest parts of Petite Anglaise is the view of expats blogging about their lives in Paris. It turns out the author is just one of many in a virtual community of Brits and Americans at office buildings throughout the metropolis, waxing poetic on work, food, life, love and the thrill of living in the French capital.


Does anyone get any work done? Petite Anglaise still blogs, and has a novel in the works as well.


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What to See and Do in Limousin. Home Learn Books Petite Anglaise. Most Popular. Win a picture-perfect Mirabeau goodie bag November 22, What to See and Do in Limousin November 21, They settled down, had Tadpole, and waited for the shine to wear off, which it duly did. Some may find the Petite Anglaise of the book a little too pleased with herself, if not boorishly self-centred, but there are moving moments, as when in she tells Mr Frog that it's time for him to find another pond as she has found a new chap an English expat called James.

He put his face in his hands for a moment, and I stared at his thinning hair, his exposed scalp, horrified at how vulnerable he looked. I reassured him that I wouldn't portray him in a bad light because he's concerned about how his daughter will feel when she reads it in the future. It wasn't hard to do because he turned out to be a hero in the story. He rallied round and has been a great friend to me. He's a good man, a good father. In the end, James went the way of the rest.

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Sanderson has a new love, who is known to her readers as The Boy, in reference to the fact that he is five years younger. They are to marry next spring. She is proud of her writing, describing it as "quality commercial".

The novel will be about an English single mum in, you guessed it, Paris. But Sanderson will have free use of the plot and characters. She hopes to remain a writer, but knows that only time and the critics will tell. I had quite a decent social life until I had a child.

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It was the combination of being in an office all day, then having no social life in the evening that was quite hard. And that's when I started the blog. It was no coincidence that the blog became important to me so quickly because I was at that time in my life when I hadn't lost the baby weight, hadn't got a social life and was a bit submerged by being a working mum. The blog was a way of taking back a bit of myself. Her mother, a retired school librarian, is her leading fan. Her father, a self-employed greenhouse seller, is rather more perplexed.

He said to my mum: 'It's just very banal, isn't it? Why are people interested in reading that? But there have been uncharitable comments on her site, which she puts down to envy. I'm quite sensitive to other people's opinions.

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I don't take criticism very well or gracefully. Not everyone is going to love the book so I will have to roll with it.

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