The Osiris Invasion (Seeds of a Fallen Empire Book 2)

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Armies E.

Seed of Knowledge, Stone of Plenty

E: Divine Cybermancy Eador. Imperium Eador. Super Strikers Gaokao. Ghost 1. Go Home Dinosaurs! Go Mission: Space Travel Go! Anniversary Gold Rush! Gold Edition Guacamelee! Hello Neighbor Hellphobia Hellsinker. A Spy Story?! Holy Potatoes!

‎Apple BooksでThe Osiris Invasion: Book Two of Seeds of a Fallen Empireを読む

A Weapon Shop?! What the Hell?! EXE M. Academy Mighty Switch Force! Barrel Mr. Massagy Mr. Shadow Mr. Triangle's Adventure mr. President Prologue Episode Mr. Oh No! The Hollywood Roast Oh Again Princess. T Project: R. Reloaded Red Comrades 3: Return of Alaska.


Democratic People's Republic of Korea! Super Turbo Demon Busters! Will she take the risk to find out? Ashley McLeo. Arcanum is historical fiction with a fantasy twist at its best! I love how Naomi gave us a sneak peek of Agnethe's life before she had Ingrid her main character from her also astounding Ingrid the Viking Maiden series. I absolutely adore this cover and the premise!

Can't wait to read!

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Camille is a talented customer service specialist by day, and a neophye witch by night. She likes to cast spells, levitate, drink, flirt and sing karaoke. But when she meets shy Stella, her aim in life changes. She needs to have her, and above all, she wants Stella to be safe. Which soon begins to be pretty problematic, because Camille's coven demands a sacrifice This book is only the first in a series where our heroes fight against the internal and external enemies, complete with vampires, shifters, and demons from hell. The series is a delicious mix of romance, urban fantasy, and thriller.

The Demon Bunny of Ipswich. Another backpacker murder!

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When Jan and Rodney Wiltshire purchased the Manor in they thought the history of murders associated with the old establishment was behind them. But when a backpacker is murdered whilst they holiday in the UK, the Manor is again in the spotlight with a long list of murders associated with the Manor dating back 60 years. Jeremy Patten uses his unique skill to help Police investigators solve this long running mystery. At night when others fall asleep Jeremy is able to enter a world, a dream world.

As those around him wander in their dreams Jeremy is conscious of the dark world he has entered. He is able to bring realism to the dream world he has entered and help solve mysteries and crimes.

Ihre Vorteile

The Untold Tales of Dolly Williamson. Innocence Lost. She wanted to run her father's business. She got a mad prince. Johanna Brouwer has notions: she wants to take over her father's business. She wants to live in a place where she doesn't have to hide her magic, and she doesn't want to marry, not even the prince. Her home, the merchant city of Saardam comes under attack by a fire wizard, and she finds that notions will only get you so far in life. She's on the run, her paltry magic will do nothing against the evil unleashed upon the kingdom, and why did she ever worry about getting married?

This is totally your thing if you're into sassy independent women. Great cover and an intriguing premise. One knows just enough about what's going on to continue reading without scratching one's head, but not enough to make the whole book a fait accompli. Quick immersion in tight, realistic action promises a great read. No matter what Patty Jansen writes, there is always that underlying personality that makes her books interesting AND there are her sometimes wildly imaginative worlds that forgo the bounds of what we all know and expect. They give us something entertaining and surprising. And she is Australian.

If that comment doesn't make sense then you will have to just read her stories to see what I mean. It is meant in a good way. Amy J. Incredible work by an author I truly admire! Sam Sea. Very intriguing! This is promising to be very interesting series Keep it coming, Patty! Fallen to Grace. Azrael's a wingless angel, and if that wasn't bad enough, she's the only one with a functioning conscience.

Her bi-color eyes mark her as a moral hybrid, and when she breaks her enslavement to Manor Saffron by making a deal with a demon, she doesn't expect to become Queen. Alien Hunters by Daniel Arenson.

Galactic pest controllers, they mostly handle small critters—aliens that clog up your engine pipes, gnaw on your hull, or burrow through your silos. Riff and his crew have never faced anything like the skelkrins before.

Justin Bell. I'm a big fan of Jay Allan's work and love his style. Lots of great action, he's a writer who is right in my wheelhouse. Don Viecelli. I gave this Book 4 Stars on Goodreads and the story gets even better in Books 2 and 3. Read this book awhile back and it's still as good as ever with plenty of action and adventure to be had. Thorn Osgood. Lindsay Buroker's Fallen Empire Collection has caught my interest. I'm sure others will enjoy it too!

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