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  1. Former Beauty Queen Gets the Last Laugh
  3. Film Review – The Last Laugh (12222)
  4. Hugh Jackman Gets the Last Laugh Over Ryan Reynolds in Online Feud (Video)

There were the expected "reality" twists. They get to their digs and there don't appear to be enough bedsBobby Crush's bedroom is too bland there's no kettle.

Peacock-vain Jess Conrad is surely just there to wind us up. The highlight was old footage of the turns in their prime. Bernie, was particularly sprightly back then. Bobby Ball cut through the nostalgia. Of course they can't! But there ought to be some laughs along the way. ITV have done this before. They say tragedy plus time equals comedy, so it's possible we'll laugh at Mel and Sue's Generation Game one day.

This awkward, halfhearted remake was wrong on more levels than Big Mo in an express lift. The games were recycled, the gags poor, the laughter canned, the bonhomie forced And bizarrely, this ultimate Saturday night show went out on a Sunday. The only innovation was the pointless addition of celebrity commentators. Warm, friendly, down to earth, empathetic Larry was the polar opposite of Sue Perkins. They should have handed out P45s but thanks to the miracle of licence fee feather-bedding no-one was sacked at all.

I will say right up front that I was not all that excited about a "wax museum", but I came away floored. Not at all what I expected. You can get up close and personal with all the celebrities. We took tons of pictures and interacted with nearly all of them. I felt like we walked the red carpet. Highly recommend! Opening Hours November 9 - November Learn More! Club Tussauds Sports Oh Snap! Save After 6PM!

Former Beauty Queen Gets the Last Laugh

Book Now! Online Exclusive! Save On Anytime Entry! Visit Madame Tussauds Las Vegas. Any date. Any time.

British Airways Features on Last Laugh In Vegas

Venetian Adventure! See What's New! When did she and Anthony even have the time to begin dating? You see? I was surprised when I received a wonderfully-written thank you note from Weezy for my helping get her on her feet in Las Vegas and being so generous with my home. For me, it was nothing.

I wish I could have held on to my pal, too. But the falling out was obvious. She and Anthony eventually split and she disappeared into the Las Vegas ether for a while, occasionally popping up in odd places like as the executive assistant to the publisher of two magazines I was writing for or next to Chris at a stoplight. None of us ever wished Weezy ill will, but we were fine to have her off doing her own thing. In , after I moved to Chicago, I wrote a group e-mail — a group Weezy was still on.

I received an e-mail back from her. Over the years, on occasion Weezy would come to mind. The results left much to be desired.


She keeps herself pretty well hidden, which is a remarkable feat, and one I respect. Strange that she sent us a registry gift. How thoughtful and nice.

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After I read the note and finished freaking out about it, I called Chris. No, you can have five. For Weezy to find this out, Weezy had to be hunting. I am very public by design. It would be easy for Weezy to get curious as I often had, put my name into the search bar and stumble upon, say, Literate Ape. She could read about my getting married and my pending parenthood.

She told me never to reach out to her again. She clearly wanted nothing to do with me. So what is it that inspired her to not only look me up but decide to buy us a baby gift? And then not leave her email so we could thank her?

Film Review – The Last Laugh (12222)

Chris and I both went to searching for her online. We found nothing. No LinkedIn, no Facebook, no Twitter, no news, nothing more than one image — a professional headshot taken years ago. The next day, I dug deeper and managed to find an obituary for her father, which saddened me. But the obit confirmed she was married. I Googled him. She wasn't tagged in it but the photo was definitely my old pal Weezy. Why and how Weezy found me and bought us a baby gift is all speculation.

She clearly still has no interest in being in touch with me because she did not provide her email address on the registry. Every friendship has its time and place. Still, I would love to know what inspired her her act of generosity and thoughtfulness. And more importantly, Katie and I would like to thank her for the gift.

But hey, the obituary did it first. And Weezy, thank you for the gift.

Hugh Jackman Gets the Last Laugh Over Ryan Reynolds in Online Feud (Video)

Katie and I are grateful for your encouraging words and for the pillow that will certainly come in handy. Wait a minute… I will think about you every time I use it. Literate Ape. Literate Ape Press.

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